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   sāre jahāse acchā hindostān hamārā ham bulbulain hai iski, yeh gulsitān hamārā ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan me samjho vahīn hamen bhī, dil hain jahān hamārā
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About AKIO

AKIO is a thought process to bring children of Indian origin together, encourage them to learn our traditions, cultures and relate them to origins of India roots.  AKIO thought process is carried out by is a group of volunteers committed to build a finite platform for kids of present and future generations. AKIO chose competitions as format to reach children community. These competitions are mainly focused on their creative, scientific, cultural skills and encouraging them to involve parents in their developing these skills further. AKIO is planning to invite intellectual people to share their priceless experience with children such as Science Fairs and Science Meets. AKIO also conducts programs for kids that will supplement academics, raise cultural awareness, sustain and promote interest in arts and other sports. AKIO has founded by Mohan Gavvagi around Diwali time in 2009 and celebrated their first event on November 14th Children's Day.


“Build a platform for kids to develop their cultural and traditional awareness by establishing good relations, strengthening integrity within the community through understanding and co-mingling with different generations.”
Core Concepts

  1. Involve kids between 3yrs and 14 years of age group in several activities where creativity is the main ingredient.
  2. Gear our kids toward the historical, present aspects of India and bring awareness of Indian culture and tradition.
  3. Different AKIO events will enable the kids to get familiarized with great leaders of India.
  4. We want the kids to get a feel for what their parents grew up with, in regards to sports and extracurricular activities.
  5. Create healthy competitive spirit among children

AKIO- A dedicated team for our young generations.


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Sanskriti Fest 2010 pictures


Children's Day 2009 pictures

Nov8th competitions



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The Association for Kids of Indian Origin Inc. (AKIO) is registered as Non profit organization

in New York state and is in process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status from IRS. All rights reserved.