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   sāre jahāse acchā hindostān hamārā ham bulbulain hai iski, yeh gulsitān hamārā ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan me samjho vahīn hamen bhī, dil hain jahān hamārā
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Your Donations would give an extra strength to AKIO thought process. You may already know that

The AKIO event is a stage for children to perform their variety and creative skills through competitions. These competitions are designed to bring awareness about their culture, traditions and importance of integrity etc. Each winner from each category will get a Trophy and will be given infront of hundreds of crowed from the community. Those moments are always precious and will remain as great feeling for many years to come. AKIO team is making every effort to give this feeling to little soul and fill the healthy competitive spirit and help him/her to become a better citizen tomorrow.

AKIO is requesting and giving an opportunity to people like you to come forward and be part of this thought process and show your support to young generations. Your donations would give extra financial support to execute these events better way and to reach more kids in the community.

If you are interested please give us a call or email us

Mohan Gavvagi (518)937 9393

Jay (510)684-7334

You can also make donations through PAYPAL payment gateway.


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