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   Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan we are its nightingales of mirth, and it is our garden abode.
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Welcome to Event Execution Team member / Volunteer Registration page:
 We are happy that you decided to join AKIO volunteer group. As a team we always have fun and we all make sure that everyone of us are comfortable with each other. After all we all working for same cause, we feel home when working for our community especially for kids.

As a volunteer,

IF you are interested to take part in this thought process and make difference please fill the form.


AKIO Volunteer Disclaimer: The AKIO is an independent organization, it does not promote any religion, and is not affliated with any charitable and/or legal entities. The AKIO is willing to take help from any person or organization in the community to serve its purpose. The AKIO events are aimed at children of Indian origin but AKIO will always encourage children/people of other communities and origin if they wish to participate in AKIO events. The AKIO is a venue to diversify our knowledge base in cultural and social aspects of our native origin. AKIO will not discriminate any person based on region /race /geography /color /social status /physical or mental disability. The AKIO Team environment will include respect for self and others, fairness and simplicity, There is NO ROOM for personal grudges, negativity, blame-game, gossips, politics, bullying and unfairness. The AKIO considers such activities seriously and take necessary actions. The AKIO is not responsible for personal legal issues that may fall outside the AKIO Activities. The AKIO reserves all rights.